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From time to time, you may feel “stuck” in your life. You’re generally happy, but your personal relationships feel like they take more work than they should. Or you’re not getting to that next level at work. Maybe it’s a less-defined anxiety or sensitivity that makes it hard for you to deal with all the challenges the world brings your way.


Sound familiar?

My name is Shawna Burkhart, and I started The Honest Edge as a way to help successful and high-functioning adults like you reach their full potential. My “whole person, whole life, whole business” approach to personal development provides a realistic, straightforward, research-supported road map toward self-improvement.


This is not career or relationship “coaching”. It’s deeper than that. I believe in taking an integrated approach to your you can make real and lasting life changes while honoring your whole self.


Take the first step in getting where you want to be. Contact me to learn how you can improve your life with The Honest Edge.

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, NCC; M.S.; Certified EMDR Practitioner; Mind Body Institute Approved in: Food As Medicine / Mind, Mood & Food: Optimal Nutrition for the Brain.